Jens Larsen

Søren Ballegaard

Olaf Meijer

Traeben @ LantarenVenster, September 13, 2014
TRÆBEN is one of those bands that is always looking forward to play. Their performance is always energetic and playful. Catchy melodies are deconstructed and rebuilt in solos, but the shape of the compositions always remains understandable to the listener.
On their new album Looking At The Storm TRÆBEN has incorporated raw elements of rock into their music. Insisting guitar riffs with distortion are setting the mood in the faster parts. Apart from that there lots room for lyricism in their work too. Melodies as clear as the sunrise form a natural contrast in the more gentle parts and the ballads.

The individual band members from TRÆBEN have been working together for over15 years in various formations. The Danish / Dutch band was founded in 2007 and has since been active on the international jazz scene. They played concerts in Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg and toured in Canada. Looking At The Storm is their third album. Their debut Nordic Project (2008) was followed in 2012 by the critically acclaimed Push. This long and intensive cooperation can be heard in their music. The trust and mutual understanding between the musicians is a joy to listen to.

Jens Larsen – Guitar
Søren Ballegaard – Saxophone
Olaf Meijer – Bass
Haye Jellema – Drums